Monetizing sustainability

The new dynamics are breaking the paradigm of global economic growth, forever.

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Sustainable growth led by women.

The corporate power to transform in a world in transition.

Making Sustainability Profitable

Agriculture and food production sector

Ethics, or regulatory and regulatory compliance?​

The power of collective benefit in business.

Logros cumplidos con el eBook

We increase the media visibility of Sustainability

During our launch campaign, we achieved more than 10,000 downloads. We must continue to change the perspective of managers and professionals in general about the importance of including Sustainability in the core business.

We deliver sustainable innovation tools

Our eBook contained more than 5 valuable tools and methodologies for businesses that want to start a transition. Companies will do little or nothing if they do not have the knowledge or tools to generate changes inside and outside their organizations.

We generate connection with hundreds of companies and experts

More than 230 companies in Latin America connected to our ecosystem of solutions, which today are committed to sustainability, and who support on a daily basis with their knowledge to change the dynamics of business in Latin America.

Contenidos del reporte

Guest columnists

10 guest columnists, experts in Circular Economy, Impact Financing, Human Talent, Innovation and operations among others.

Introduction and background

Where are we historically? Why are we at this point of environmental and social breakdown?

Technology and Sustainability

Sustainable digital transformation is a reality, those who do not embrace it will eventually be forced.

Case studies in Colombia

With 12 case studies and successes of Colombian SMEs that today are re-imagining the connection between profitability and sustainability.

Redefining our North

How can we change the way we make money if we continue walking in the same direction? Learn some methodologies that will help you in this process.

Evolve towards Triple Impact

Society, Nature and economy. Three value fronts that must evolve in parallel to meet the new demands of governments and consumers.

Final conclusions of the eBook

Latest advice and recommendations from experts who have started a business path that has given them surprising results.

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NEU Energy









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Estefania Bello

Asociada Senior de Inversión para Alpha MundiGroup Ltd

Andrea Mejía

Socia y cofundadora de Circulatam

Eduardo Atehortua

Head Latam de Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Mauricio Cárdenas

Presidente de La Cámara Verde de Comercio

Andrés Galindo

Ángel Inversionista y coach para emprendedores

Alejandra Torres

Fundadora/CEO de Academia Musas®

Juan S. Pacheco

Gerente General Para el NAB Colombia

Laura Carrión

Asociada para AMPLO, Inversión de Impacto

Juan Eduardo Cros

Estratega en cambio de Cultura. Consultor

Daniel Tricarico

Fundador y CEO para Impactlatam

Juan Ignacio Vélez

Redactor principal

Sergio Zuluaga

Editor y colaborador

Giselle Jury

Editora y colaboradora

Lucas Ivorra

Editor y colaborador

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